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Legend of the sport launches his 9th Signature Tour in Darwin, Australia

Legend of the sport launches his 9th Signature Tour in Darwin, Australia

Jarvis Signature Tours is proud to announce the official opening of its ninth Jarvis Signature Tour, Australia!!! The Darwin-based tour boasts 1-day and 3-day motorcycle Enduro tours around the ‘Top End’ and all within striking distance of Darwin. The tour includes trail locations of Adelaide River, wild horse plains and Kangaroo flats, the gunn point trail (where parts of Crocodile Dundee were filmed!) and the Kamfari trail (Australia’s oldest enduro dirt trail). These tours are suitable for all levels of rider (amateur to professional) and our tour guides will cater for your every need, all you need to do is book your place and head over to Darwin to get riding!

This is what Graham Jarvis had to say about the new tour:

"I'm delighted to finally officially open Jarvis Signature Tour Australia! Over the past 12 months we've been working hard to get this tour set up and allow riders from all over the world to experience cool terrains. Tim is an excellent rider and instructor, as well as being a nice guy, I think customers will be in for a treat with this one! I can't wait to head over, box some kangaroos, battle some croc's and let Australia show me a good time."

Jarvis Signature Tours have teamed with Tim Walker whom is running the Australia Signature Tour and has a fresh supply box of eight fully fuelled Husqvarna te 250i’s, plus a couple of big bore FE501’s- which promise an exciting ride! Tim Walker is a level one MA coach and a qualified motorcycle instructor, has travelled the globe racing through every terrain. He can now add being Jarvis Signature Tour’s Australia sole tour operator to his amazing career!

• Graham will be joining Tim in Australia to ride with a select group of lucky of riders later in 2022! It is unconfirmed when Graham will be joining Tim for some tours in Australia as he has to visit the eight other tours too, but he’s bound to head down under for the dry season in the bush (May, June, July and August). When booking the Australian Signature Tour please ensure you check the dates as it will be published on the website once confirmed!

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia, which is also commonly known as ‘Garramilla’ to natives of Australia, a word which refers to the white stone found in the area. Darwin sits at the Top End of Australia and the city’s location is often used as a key link between Australia and Indonesia due to its close proximity to South East Asia. Similar to much of SE Asia, the Top End region experiences a tropical climate with both a wet and a dry season. Many locals claim the best time to visit is the wet season. It does get hot and humid, but the bush comes alive with the cool daily rain. During the wet season there are spectacular lighting displays- which may not suit everyone! Fear not however, as the wet season typically only lasts between November and March, and the dry season offers clear skies and light breezes from the harbour, perfect weather conditions for riding through the trails of Darwin!

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